Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Tips to Avoid Break-Ins and Thefts

Licking County Crime Stoppers is offering holiday tips for residents as a result of an increase in reported home/car break-ins and thefts in the area. 

·      Do not leave packages visible in your car.  Lock them in the trunk or, if possible, take them directly home.
·      Do not leave wallets, purses or garage door openers in your car.  Take them inside your home.
·      When leaving home for an extended time, have a neighbor or family member watch your house and pick up your newspapers and mail.
·      Large displays of holiday gifts should not be visible through the windows and doors of your home.
·      If you plan to have packages delivered to your home schedule a certain day and/or time for your package delivery or provide specific instructions on where a package should be placed to keep the delivery hidden from public view.
Licking County Crime Stoppers is dedicated to protecting citizens by working with local law enforcement to help prevent and solve crimes.  Anyone with information on crimes is urged to call the Licking County Crime Stoppers at 740-349-6888 or 1-888-488-9058.  A special coding system protects the identity of the caller but allows for the reward to be issued at a later time.    

Crime Stoppers also takes calls from persons with information about any felony. Information leading to the arrest and indictment of a felony suspect could qualify the caller for a reward as determined by the Crime Stoppers’ Board. Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organization. Reward money comes from private individuals, businesses, and foundations that see Crime Stoppers as an integral tool in the community’s fight against crime. Tax-deductible donations can be sent to: Licking County Crime Stoppers, Inc., P.O. Box 304, Newark, OH 43058-0304.

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